40-65 Adding Content (Start Updating)

40-65 Adding Content Start Updating

Start updating your website with regular content, this keeps your website fresh and helps it's Google ranking. We can start this today!

40. Rollover Nav Button Colour Change  (4.10)

41. Before you start adding content (3.14)

42. Adding a user to start adding menu items and pages (9.39)

43. Adding and reordering a menu item (1.18)

44. Fill in 'Contact Us' page (5.26)

45. Add Images (2.11)

46. Drawing a table (3.26)

47. Aligning an image (2.07)

48. Typography - keep consistent (3.00)

49. Clipping Path to image (11.20)

50. Adding a hyperlink (2.01)

51. Adding A Gallery (9.21)

52.1 Adding a thumbnail to link to a gallery (14.30).mov

53. Add Dynamic Nav Menu Buttons

54-64 Details to follow

65. Adding a Site Map

We are currently revamping our software and this website ready to launch StartASite Version 4 in the Autumn / Winter of 2018. All of the Version 3 tutorials are all still relevant so feel free to browse the online videos in the "Adding Content" section.

This will get you started while we add all the new content we are currently working on.

Please log on again soon for further details of all the great features of StartASite.