5. Setting up (and managing) Email Accounts on Google GSuite

5. Setting up (and managing) Email Accounts on Google GSuite

From late 2020 we nested our new GSuite email clients under our NRG Digital Admin Domain.

Internally you can view the tutorial on how to set this up (validate MX records etc) by either

Clicking here or

Going to 5. Set Up Email Account(s)

and then 5.6 2021 Onwards Setup new GSuite Accounts (under NRGDigital.co.uk)


In late 2017 we migrated most of our clients across to new Google GSuite accounts. It is used world wide and has the stable infrastructure of internet giant Google supporting it.

It does cost but the monthly fee is absorbed into our monthly standing order.

Features include GDrive which allows (currently April 18) 30 gigabytes of cloud storage for files and documents.

Also set up on mobile phones is relatively straight forward.

But mainly the stable nature of GSuite is why we recommend it.

Click here to learn more about GSuite.


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