71. Creating and sending a Super Email Marketing Campaign

71. Creating and sending a Super Email Marketing Campaign

It will work out around £150.00 plus Vat to run an email campaign to 100 of your clients.

* We would need an Excel sheet saved as a .CSV format file to import into our software.

Or we can help you build this database up via various methods.

The price per 100 email addresses for every 100 after that would be only an extra £10.00 plus vat per 100 thereafter.

* The cost would include setting up the campaign

* We can draft up a sample template if need be. It would be fairly basic, Comapny logo / header with aprox 4-5 square banners down left hand side. And maybe contact details in a banner along the bottom.

* Draft up the copy / wording of the campaign text itself about 150 words.

* Run this through a spam filter to make sure it stays below threshold.

* Once this is done send you a final proof - which would take the form of how the actual email would look - bearing in mind it needs to be viewed on different devices like iPhone or iPad , Android phone as well as more traditional desktop PC or Mac.

* Send maybe on a Friday afternoon to the first 100.

* Give you some initial feedback on the following Monday afternoon.

* Then give you a full report the following Friday which would include breakdown of :-

* How many potential clients opened the email

* When they opened it

* How many potential clients clicked through to links embedded in the text of the campaign

* Which pages on your website they looked at

* From this info this would give your sales team a good chance of converting any interest.

* Normally work on a 20% open rate then 20% of those clicking on links so out of 100 you might get 4 warm leads.

If you would like to give it a try let us know - we'll set up a template then need the text from you and we will do the rest.


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