72. Add meta keywords for local place names

72. Add meta keywords for local place names

As part of the ongoing marketing process of your website we will add all of the local towns and cities (and even small places / villages / districts of towns) to your website. We will start from a local level and work out.

So, far example if you are based in the North East of England we will add all of the places names in the North East such as Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough etc etc.

These (with all due respect to other towns not mentioned) will be added first.

The reason being is that Google adds more "weight" to the first half a dozen or so keywords.

So, it makes more sense to add places with bigger population (i.e. Newcastle) first than a small village. However having said that we will still also add all of these smaller places.

We will also add all of the North East postcodes.

From TD (Tweedmouth in the Scottish Borders) through NE (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), SR (Sunderland), DH (Durham) down to TS (Teesside).

So this will mean in time if you somebody types in to Google (what you do near one of the these places) you at least stand a chance of being found.