76. Monthly Page Rank Report

76. Monthly Page Rank Report

As part of the ongoing development of your rankings on Google we will combine the work we are doing with the work developing the StartASite software with ranking reports to benchmark how we are doing on your behalf.

For example we will check how you are doing for the search term:-

"Reactive Property Maintenance Sunderland".

Result - 4th on Page 1

for URL http://www.fastfixbuildingmaintenance.co.uk

But for

"Property Maintenance Sunderland".

Result - 5th on Page 4

for URL http://www.fastfixbuildingmaintenance.co.uk

Which suggest we may need to add a dedicated /sunderland page and work you towards Page 1 this way.

We will do this and optimize this page as well as the rest of the pages on your site.

This way you stand more chance of being found by people search for both "reactive" and "property maintenance sunderland"