80. Ongoing Optimization For Google

80. Ongoing Optimization For Google

Each month we will update your site with text and photos. We will also tag the photos with text description of the work carried out. This helps Google index the images as well as text content. This work we carry out each month is quite complex and is both specific to your own individual website and developing the 'StartASite' software that all of our websites are built in.

This optimization process involves a certain degree of co-operation from yourself, however we understand that you are busy running a business and it's not always possible for you to come in in person to view what we have been doing for you. So we've developed a way of working that frees you up to get on with the day to running of your business whilst we develop your Google rankings in the back ground.

We can of course up date you as and when you are free to come in.

But in the meantime we are adding text to your website such as :

"Thank you for visting our website. Unlike some of our competitors we are regularly updating our website to show you examples of our work. Please log on each month to view our most recent jobs and photos in our photo galleries of projects we have recently successfully completed in the last few months. We also plan to update our website with F.A.Q.'s to help you decide which of our products and services will best suit the solution you require".

 Details to follow...