91 How to Unblock an IP Adress

91. How to Unblock an I.P. Adress

Update for Feb 2017

We are now on Krystal and there is a new screen cast explaining the new up to date method to unblock clients on the new host solution.



From September 2016 Ariotek have added a handy new module which will allow shared users to unblock their own IP address from within the billing area, perfect as a first port of call if you lose access to you email or if your site appears to be down. This module has been modified for resellers to give each reseller the ability to unblock a specific clients IP address. This module can be found in the billing area by clicking on the services tab, then on the next screen an actions menu will appear or the left hand side with the option to 'Unban your IP address?' where you can check for IP blocks and remove them if required.  There is also a new screen cast explaining in Folder 91.