About Our Team

StartASite right from it's start in 2005 was a long term ROI project that was planned to pay dividends for many years for NRG Digital.

The StartASite team was (and is) made up of a dynamic team of web developers and designers each with their own specialist skill set. We have succeeded in achieving a perfect blend of talented individuals that share the same high standards and work ethic of the clients which we serve.

StartASite has taken the team below over 18 years to build and develop. We are currently going live with version 3.9


NRG Digital has called St. Peters Gate (based in the Sunderland Science Park) home for the past 16 years. A major advantage of being based within St. Peters Gate is the access to the Codeworks undergraduate / graduate placement scheme,which has allowed NRG Digital to employ some of most talented individuals from the regions top Universities.

Below are list of team members who helped to develop 'StartASite' over the eighteen year period between 2005 - 2023

Gary Wilkie

Project Manager Gary Wilkie:

Gary project managed building 'StartASite' from it's inception in 2006 through each stage of it's development. Gary recruited both designers and developers to work at NRG Digital. During this time the two sides of the team would 'beta test' StartASite on live projects while being built for real customers of NRG Digital.

Judith Murray

Office Manager Judith Murray:

Judith is currently managing the office here at NRG Digital. She looks after the finances and is currently learning into all aspects of StartASite ahead of our version 4 launch in December 2018. In the New Year Judith will be heading up the recruitment drive for the next generation of "bright young things" who we hope to have working in StartASite here at NRG Digital.

Marc Easen

Head Developer Marc Easen:

Marc worked at NRG for four years whilst completing his degree at Teesside University. During this time he worked closely with project manger Gary Wilkie on developing 'StartASite'.

Previously... (Pre 2019)

Jamie Buckell

Senior Developer Jamie Buckell:

Both Jamie and Marc are products of University of Teesside. University of Teesside is regarded as one of the best in the country for producing high quality talent in the IT sector ad we are proud to be associated with working with such bright young talent like Jamie and Marc.
Rachael Greenwell

Rachael Greenwell - Designer / Project Manager

Rachael worked for NRG for five and a half years training to design for print and web using Apple Mac computers. During her time at NRG she played a very big part in the development of 'StartASite' looking at the process from a designer / account managers point of view.

Michael Sharpe

Graphic Designer

Gavin Fawcett

Phil Readman

Sinead Olney

Gavin Blamand - Creative Wizard and all round good guy

Globetrotting Gavin came to us around 2003 and was already at that time well experienced having worked in design agencies and travelled across the US, Australlia and beyond. He was very influential to our business in terms of creative ideas and the thought process behind a content management system such as 'StartASite'. In fact he went on to develop his own 'Simply CMS' solution.

Tom Jolly - Flash Developer

Tom worked for us on and off over a period of 12 months. He helped develop 'StartASite' from an action script point of view. He later left his position here to work in a similar role across the  River Wear at 'Tombola' the bingo website and sponsors of SAFC and Emmerdale.

Richard Carter

Claire Fryatt