'StartASite' v5.0 January 2022

All work carried out by Marc post move to AWS to modernise 'StartASite'.

'StartASite' v5.0.0 rolled out on a site by site basis.

New Document Upload (Various file endings) functionality added (CV Upload for Guardian International) as a modular addition in StartASite.

'StartASite' v4.0.3 May 2020 Work by Marc on sitemap.xml generator Startasite (deployed to all sites and pushed to bitbucket)

This means Google should be able to detect whenever a new page is added/updated instead of trawling the links etc. by just reading the “sitemap.xml" file. Marc built this into startasite (so we can ignore the Sitemap module) as it’s such a basic SEO feature that every site should have.


'StartASite' v4.0.2 Dec 2019 Work by Marc on Enquiry Forms being classed as spam by Google. Workaround successfully deployed. Enhanced pre delivery scanning activated in admin control panel that might alleviate the cause of the blocking emails and delay in the emails.

'StartASite' v4.0.1 Dec 2019 Work by Marc on SSL certificates being added to both server solutions. This enabled a redirect to HTTPS, so now Google will index HTTPS content instead of HTTP content, which should help with the Google Page Rank etc.

'StartASite' Version 4 planned for May 2019. Fully responsive and with a facelift on all client facing GUI's.

'StartAsite' is currently at Version 3, with subsequent ugrades shown below. We are introducing the TinyMCE version 4.0 editor to StartASite in May 2019 and will aim to update the tutorials shortly after in June 2019.

Importantly website customers can feel the benefit of software upgrades as and when new features are developed.

Below we list most recent features we have added to websites running version 3.0 or higher

In May 2011 at a meeting between our senior development team we decided to implement 'unit testing' to safeguard all previous development work on previous versions of 'StartASite' whilst at the same time protect the ongoing development of future version upgrades. Prior to implementing the unit testing fully we introduced a 'Version Control System' 'GIT'. This version control system was introduced by our senior developer(s) in June 2011 around about the same time we were live with version 3.8.

These version change movies can be found in Recent Jobs in WT:9995. StartASite Developers Handover


4.0.0 TinyMCE v4.0 editor added by Marc - Added May 14th 2019
Added a the more modern WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor version 4.0 globally on all sites today.


3.9.9 Find 3 Near Me Module added by Marc - Added September 8th 2018
Added a Find 3 Near Me module which adds a form where users can find the 3 nearest locations of your company/resellers/etc. The admin module has a CSV upload and download option.

3.9.8 Captcha Code amends added by Marc - Added April 10th 2018
Added to stop spam.
Updated the captcha font use on StartASite, which should make it harder for the bots to crack. Patched a hole in the contact us form logic too, a debug statement that when enable can skip the image check

3.9.7 ResponsiveE Website Template added by Marc - Added March 1st 2018

Added to and

3.9.6 Google Webmasters Tools - Added October 2017

3.9.5 Responsive Custom Form Module - Re-Added March 23rd 2017

3.9.5 Responsive Custom Form Module - Added October 30th 2016

Added a responive Custom Form today to enable Custom Forms to be created in StartASite that work across mobile and tablet devices. 

3.9.4 Page Heirarchy Module - Added August 2016

Add the ability to move pages up and down in a hierarchy so that most important pages such as home page (and pages that have navigation button links) can be in order from the top down. This will also help with Google indexing site in (in theory) the order the bots crawl the site.       

3.9.3 Email Notification on Testimonials Module - Added 5th March 2016

Users notified via email now when a customer leaves a testimonial on their website.

3.9.2 PayPal Booking System - Added 7th March 2015

Booking system and Payments by PayPal now available on StartASite

3.9.1 Page Specific Content Sliders - Added 28th July 2012

3.9 Dynamic Drop Down Menu's, Sitemap and breadcrumbs.

3.8.2 Parent and child domain addresses.

3.8.1 Analytics Integration (Completed 30th October 2011) - Your StartASite website can now be linked in with Google Analytics. Simply add in your Analytics Site Account Number in your configuration panel to start recieving Analytic data

3.8 Multiple Custom Forms (Completed 16th July 2011) - This is an upgrade to the current custom form module which allows you to have multiple custom forms on your website.

3.7 Content Slider Module (added 26th February 2011)- The new Content Slider module allows you to easily add a content slider to the pages in your website.

3.6 Custom Footer Configuration (added 5th February 2011)- You can create a completely custom footer for your website. See the screencast below on more information on how to do this.

3.5 Custom Form Changes (added 24th July 2010)- The custom form is now even better! You can now specify required fields choose more field options such as drop down lists, headings and spacers.

3.4 Area Based Contact Module - With this new module you can setup different contact numbers for different areas. So users can get their nearest contact office dependant on their location.

3.3 Custom Form - In Modules you can now install a Custom Form and update the Form name and e-mail address. Now you can add and remove your own fields, see the tutorial below for more information on doing this.

3.2.1 Wide Template Hover Functionality - WebsiteTemplateB now includes functionality for an image change on the navigation when hovered over. This means the PSD for WebsiteTemplateB will need to be redownloaded.

3.2 Wide Template - Now includes templateB with the wider css template. Update also includes video on upgrading from Version 2 to Version 3.2

3.1 Magento 'Community' version - installed as a module September 2009

3.0.1 Product search - added September 2009

Pre-Version 3 (below)

'Startasite' users using versions 0.1 to 2.9 (Pre version 3.0) will see an opening admin screen similar to below click here