66. Set up Super Email Marketing Database

66. Set up Super Email Marketing Database (and all other aspects of Super Email Marketing).

Set up a database in our "Super Email" email marketing software. This will capture the main contact details of each enquiry that comes through this website and store them in a database to enable you to contact them with "bulk email" marketing campaigns further down the line.

The benefits to you by doing this include:

1. Keep in touch on a regular basis with everyone that has shown an interest in your website    
2. Monitor on a campaign by campaign basis who has opened each email.    
3. Creating a further link within each email for example "click here to view prestige motors" then links that potential customer to that particular page and not only that we can give you a print out of who has looked at each link (and how many times) so as to ascertain who is more interested - and because you have their contact details you can call them!    
4. And remember thy don't know you know ! (they have been looking!)    
As the database builds up you can run special offers and seasonal campaigns.

More Details To Follow Soon On...

* All other aspects of Super Email Marketing

In the meantime see also

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