66-85 Developing Your Business Online

66-85 Developing Your Business Online

Once the basic structure of your website is built the real fun starts! Some people are quite content to leave things there...others are more ambitious! In a fast moving, exciting environment like the web only losers stand still ! Savvy business owners are using techniques such as Email Marketing, High Rankings on 1st Page of Google, Using Google Analytics to study traffic to their website, Using PayPal to take payments and orders online, Using Social Media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and it doesn't stop there! Get Started Today!

66. Set up Super Email Marketing Database

67. Meta Title

68. Meta Description

69. Meta Keywords

70. Repeat 3 Step Meta Data Process on each page

71. Creating and sending a Super Email Marketing Campaign

72. Add meta keywords for local place names

73. Add meta keywords for all UK major cities

74. Add Google Analytics

75. Monthly Google Analytics Report

76. Monthly Page Rank Report

77. Develop An App

78. Add Google Business Account

79. Add Google Webmaster Tools

80. Ongoing Optimization For Google

81. Add PayPal merchant account to take payments via your website

82. Add Social Media Pack (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram)

83. Add Testimonials Module

84. Advertising Module


We are currently revamping our software and this website ready to launch StartASite Version 4 in the Autumn / Winter of 2018. All of the Version 3 tutorials are all still relevant so feel free to browse the online videos in the "Adding Content" section.

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